The Ebola November Surprise

On Alex Jones’ show yesterday he had a doctor who confirmed what is being reported around the country. That is, we are in the middle of an Ebola outbreak here and that suspected patients are being disappeared by the CDC or some federal authorities from hospital. Staff are being told to shut up or be fired — or worse.

At the very least Obama and the Democrats are running a cover-up until after the election. Letting Ebola lose in America because the Democrats are pursuing a strategy that calls for millions of illegals to be allowed in, is sure to spell disaster for the Democrats since they are responsible administratively. All politics aside, Ebola is a non partisan infection. It will kill a Democrat or a Republican deader than a hammer. There is a convergence in reality here between the plan to use illegals to grab political power and the side effect of allowing tens of thousands of undocumented, unscreened foreigners, who come with serious diseases not normally found in America into the republic.

But it’s typical of the collectivists’ grand plans that always fail miserable. Always! You see amigos the collectivists always see a grand big picture of what they plan to make other people do because they are so much damn smarter than the rest of us. Sadly, these geniuses never see the tiny details like microbes from Africa causing an unforeseen epidemic here in America. The Democrats are more terrified now of losing this next election than saving thousands of lives by coming clean now about the Ebola outbreak or whatever is causing sick people to bleed from their orifices with a high fever before they are disappeared.

But say they minimize their loses by covering-up the Ebola outbreak until after the election. What then? In this really gets going this winter the administration will lose total control of America. The cops, army, medical people, everybody is going to be pissed off when their loved ones get sick and die. They will not follow orders and hopes of medical round ups and mass forced vaccinations or other fascist tyranny won’t work. The entire system will collapse and that may be what Obama’s superiors want.

But who knows what the hell is going on? However time will tell. It certain Democrats and Obama will get the blame if a serious outbreak occurs. What is not certain is whether or not they can use this crisis, like those they created in the past, to grab more power and money. They never want to let a good crisis go to waste. Really? Even if it leaves America a wasteland of diseased and dieing people?


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