Ebola As A Weapon


Having examined the facts over the past month with Ebola, the establishment is acting as if the outbreak is not a big problem even having Obama hugging cured patients. It’s almost as if he knew there was no way in hell he could get Ebola from the nurse. That’s interesting since just before the outbreak a retired CIA operative said there would be a fake Ebola outbreak using a simulated Ebola that wasn’t actually Ebola.

If this operative is correct it would mean that the establishment wants you to feel Ebola is like a bad flu that is almost impossible to contract unless you’re Frenching a patient. Why would they do this? One possibility is pure big pharma, big politician greed for the vaccine revenue leading to campaign contributions. The other more scary end of the spectrum is the real Ebola will be deployed in the winter when the cold air preserves Ebola making it airborne.  This would mean the establishment believes they can launch a controlled epidemic that they can harness to grab more power and eliminate pesky people who bring up things for which the rulers find objectionable.

If it is a bio attack by the establishment it would be the riskiest of moves signaling their complete desperation. Naturally the establishment rulers already have the vaccine that gives them immunity to whatever strain of bio weapon du jour they decide on. Well unless one establishment power block is double crossing others and slips them a vaccine mickey like they do with us lowly wee little peasants all the time.

Time will tell amigos but avoid the hospitals like the plague this winter. Schools as well may not be the best place to send your children this year. But to be truthful it’s never wise to send children to school publicly at any rate.


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