The Economic Con Game


Here’s how the fractional reserve economy operates. The Federal Reserve creates as many dollars as they want and the more they make the more they lose value. Each dollar is given birth by the Fed in the form of a loan. Created out of this air, these dollars are exchanged for our labor output.

These extra dollars are invested in may areas of the economy like buying Real Estate, the stock market, bonds, commodities, etc. The price on the freely restricted marketplace goes up and up for these investments reflecting the dropping value of the dollars so over created by you know who? However, these banksters don’t want to go Wiemar Republic so with their ability to manipulate the flow of the economy, especially the bond and stock markets, they pull the plug. The price of everything drops like a rock as the Fed vacuums up all those excess dollars they over created. Overnight half of the value of the stock market vanishes as the economy comes to a screeching halt. This makes commodities plummet and finally jobs then businesses vanish as Real Estate values get sawed in two or worse.

But not to worry yourselves amigos as the Federal Reserve is well prepared to weather the storm they created. Just before the collapse they always sell their holdings at the peak then sit flush with cash to buy anything they want at fire sale prices. Then the whole cycle begins again and is referred to as “The Business Cycle.” The Federal Reserve is giving us the business alright.

Actually, the reason we all are getting poorer and treated more like slaves told what to do by Federal Reserve controlled government is the above scheme is constructed to milk unaware slaves of their labor. The trouble is the Fed banksters know we are their slaves even though most of you all are still unaware of how this con game works or you be in the streets with torches and pitch forks. Every day we are treated more like plantation slaves by their enforcers be they state, local or federal enforcement goons. These goons are making it dangerous for everybody as people fight back often with perfectly good cops but that’s the idea. Keep us fighting with each other and the police while the Federal Reserve is raking us over the coals. I blame the fluoride in the water because Americans, regardless of race, greed or color, were never this stupid before now.

Wouldn’t it be better to abolish this slave based system of fake dollars for our labor? Well slap me and call me Lincoln because I think it’s so. And it’s so easy to fix as well. Here’s my six point plan towards freedom and prosperity:

1. Jail all the Federal Reserve Banksters and close down this counterfeit bank.

2. Forgive any and all debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank because it would be no more. That would mean the local banks that borrowed money from the Fed to lend to you would not have to be paid back by either of you. This would drop the mortgage payments by half or more for the average home buyer while still providing positive revenue flow to the local banks and lenders.

3. Issue Greenbacks from the treasury as a temporary measure to keep economic activity flowing until alternative stable money is developed and adopted in a free marketplace. Breaking it down so rank and file slave can understand it, you just need a stable place to park you labor value until you need to spend it. That could be limitless commodities like gold and silver or Bitcoin. Who knows? The sky is the limit if currency were not monopolized and centralized by the Federal Reserve.

4. Abolish the income tax. Before you slaves start to revolt about roads and bridges have a diet Coke while I explain that federal taxes only pay the interest on the debt owed to you know who – the Federal Reserve. But many slaves refuse to believe this, or that they are actually a form of slave I coined a, “Free Range Slave.” You no longer must be ball and chained or worked on a plantation picking cotton, unless of course you get sent to prison working for ten cents an hour because you were caught with some CIA imported smack or coke. Number 5 is how income tax could be replaced with a far superior system.

5. Replace income tax with a fee based on the value of land location and resources. In a nutshell, excluding any and all improvements to the land like homes and businesses, everybody’s land holding would be tax by location value and the size of the plot by the local government. A portion would then be provided for the state and federal needs under the Constitution. The more urban the better the location and hence a higher location value with a corresponding higher tax. The farther away from the urban areas the lower the fee would drop reflecting the reduced location value until it reached zero right about at the farm lands. Don’t criticize this part of the plan while eating.

6. Slum properties and land speculation would no longer be profitable. Fixing one’s house would no longer be taxable and neither would expanding improvements to the land. This will cause an explosion in home improvement and business expansion as people would no longer be punished for doing these things like they were purchasing booze and cigarettes. Here’s the dirty little secret. Once government can no longer demand a cut of your house or business value they will lose all interest in building permits. That along with reduced cost for construction without building improvement taxes will create more jobs than people to fill them. That always results in growing wages and benefits. ALWAYS!

Now what part don’t you understand? Do you like being a slave? Sure lots of people may say they’re no slave because they have lots of loot as of now but that’s fixing to change real soon. But the above plan ain’t rocket science and will build a huge wealthy middle class with a tiny fraction of untra rich and poor. Wouldn’t your life be better if you had more wealth and freedom?


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