Barney Fife And Ferguson


Here’s my take on why Ferguson’s never occurred in the past. It starts with political correctness that disregards reality. The big lie is that we are all equal or should be accorded equal consideration in such things as employment. However, because humans are so diverse, some will be better equipped to do the jobs than others. This is especially so with respect to the police.

I would venture to say that it goes deeper than the question of woman on the beat. Although that is what happens to lady cops, they get beaten by suspects, unless they draw their weapon and fire. This happens all the time leading to dead suspects and bullets flying everywhere often killing those who had nothing to do with the entire affair. So should all woman be banned from being police officers? I would say certainly not as I’ve known some formidable woman who could take most men apart physically. But generally no, most woman should not be cops because you are asking for more trouble in society from hiring them as peace officers.

Before the women’s rights people freak out lets face facts. That cop who shot the boy should never have been a cop either. Not because he is a cold blooded killer. It’s because he looks like a redheaded Barney Fife. The term “scrawny” come to mind when I first observed his picture, even frail. Oh I’m sure he had plenty of Moxy just like Barney Fife. However, you may recall Barney got in many bad situation because he was so puny and of course big old Andy would save the day. Neither Barney nor the Ferguson cop put the fear of God in anybody.

Contrast that with my grandfather and uncle on my mother’s side. I’d only hear tales of my grandfather’s days as a DC cop pounding the beat. He, like uncle Jack, was in the six foot four inch range and broad chested. But he had died before I was even born. Uncle jack on the other hand was around quite a bit especially after my mom and dad divorced. My brother and I were rebellious teenagers at least until Uncle Jack paid us a visit. Then you never saw such well heeled young men. And that’s the rub here with this political correctness disregarding reality. In this case the reality is if the authority figure is a big imposing figure he doesn’t normally need to raise his voice while on duty. My grandfather and uncle never shot anybody as police officers. They gave a lawful order and all but the most feeble followed that order immediately. The few unfortunates that did not were sorry that they didn’t.

Let me finish by recalling my days as president of my homeowners association. I sat at the pool one nice summer day and witness a usual occurrence – a couple of big teenaged boys standing on the bridge nearby smoking a joint while drinking two Heineken tall bottled beers. The neighborhood ladies complained and whined over this but I told them to relax. We had drug dealing out in the open and when we press the police to intervene they kind of threatened us. So I didn’t think the cops would even respond to two boys on the bridge smoking reefers and drinking beer. But they called the cops anyway.

Low and behold, a cruiser did pull up across the way and I thought perhaps I was wrong. Then a single Barney Fife looking cop gets out. He even looked like the scrawny Ferguson cop complete with the red hair. I thought this ought to be interesting as the two boys were a foot taller than he was. They were too far away for us to hear the conversation at the pool but we witnessed these events. The cop slips up to the boys getting within fifteen feet when the two realize he’s there, chuck the joint in the creek, place the beers on the bridge ledge and begin to walk away slowly. We see the cop saying something to the boys gesturing and they stop, turn around and head back to the cop standing on the bridge next to the beer bottles. So I think he is going to do something but that delusion was quickly dashed when the two boys picked up their respective beers bottles then walked away with them unscathed. The cop pointed his finger at them as they walked away and said something to them. I’d imagined he must have been scolding them saying, “Now boys, you know we don’t allow no litterin’ here in Prince William County, Virginia? You dispose of these here half full beer bottles in a proper receptacle or you’ll hear from me. Now get!” The truth is if he’d of done more the two could have stomped him into the ground. He should not have been a cop as he did not possess the physical traits required to do the job without gunning the public down if they didn’t do what he said. That was good on that afternoon as we were directly downrange where too many Americans find themselves these days ducking from bullets fire by scrawny cops of both sexes.

Bring back the blue benevolent brute squad of peace officers..


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