Another Republican Crash

You’ve heard it. This is the biggest Republican majority since the 1920’s. Gee that’s an interesting era. At the end of that era, 1929, there was a crash that led to a long panic as it was first to at the time. But the thinking was if the depressing economic conditions kept being referred to as a panic then people would never calm down and condition would never improve. So it was decide to call it a Depression. Folks were merely depressed and wouldn’t cheer up till WWII songs began to play.

During the 1930 up until Tuesday the Democrats have had their way with America. They took a wealthy, independently minded mostly good people and slowly bled us out colluding with the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS. It didn’t take too long for the Republican leadership to get on board winking and nodding about the glaring violations to the Constitution. But these intrusions were small and the powerful European bankers and multinationals promised to use their wealth to run a stable economic monetary system to eliminate recessions and bank runs.

Through the decades after the war the Federal Reserve Bank did manage a stable monetary system as the size and scope of the federal government began to increase. That kept the Republicans in check during a half century or more because the Federal Reserve could secretly fiddle with the supply of fiat money essentially making times whatever they wanted them to be. On the one hand, the $2000 standard deduction was still the same as it was in 1913. On the other, the Federal Reserve bankers had been secretly printing extra money for their own nefarious purposes which included inflating everybody’s yearly income way beyond $2000. That meant the IRS had dibs on an increasing portion of our wealth that we use to be able to keep in the olden days for stuff like food and housing and such.

Now, as we perch on the edge our our next Federal Reserve instigated crisis it will be for the same reasons they did so in 1929. Naturally, the biggest reason is an economic price collapse and crash in the economy is coming. There is always going to be boom and bust for many natural and instigated reasons. Innovations constantly cause businesses like video rental joints to go out of business. But we use the same slave based model that civilizations have used from the beginning of history. Demographics alone account for boom bust eras. It’s not a coincidence that we are in a depression now that the biggest slice of the population, the baby boomers, are retiring. That flaw will only be corrected when income tax is banned and replaced with a tax on land location value – but that’s another story of freedom from slavery.

This story boys and girls is about the Fed bankers fixing to crash the economy again and hang blame and shame on the Republicans again like in 1929. As in 1929 it will be stocks returning to about half their current numbers – perhaps a bit lower. Real Estate will dive down to where people will be able to afford to buy homes once again if they have cash. But the point of this story is the secret rulers of America darn sure don’t want any group to get too powerful enough to challenge their illegal, unconstitutional hold over the republic.

The last time it worked like a charm and we’ve been politically divided and manipulated by the banksters ever since until Tuesday. Now they are in panic mode. Of course these fiat banking snakes, vipers as President Jackson referred to them, own the Republican leadership. But the rank and file size and growing independence forced upon them by angry Americans doth present problems me thinks for the banksters. This time however, I don’t think it’s going to work for the Fed bankers. The last time this happened the Federal Reserve bankers had total information control and most Americans up until the Ron Paul era actually believed the Federal Reserve Bank was part of the federal government and call people like me a tin foil hat wearing, Cool Ade drinking conspiracy theorists for pointing out it was a private bank owned mostly by European families who despise us as a people. They think of us as mongrels but that too is another story boys and girls.

Of all the things the bankers, who are slowly stealing America right out from under our collectivist noses, fear it’s President Rand Paul. Even more scary to them is Treasury Secretary Ron Paul. After being audited and rightly prosecuted for the crimes they’ve committed, all debts owed to the criminal bank would be null and void and they would be liquidated to pay their creditors. Rather than this fate should befall these bankers, they’d prefer we catch Ebola or get tied up in some war killing off a mess of us again.

Which way this thing blows this time depend a lot on how fast the American people can wise up.bernanke4 bernanke3


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