Post Election Analysis To Cousin Andrew

What has been voted out by an alliance between freedom oriented libertarians and old guard Republicans is more government especially federal. Having said that, you know as well as I that both party’s leadership is corrupt as the day is long and under the thumb of international corporations and bankers via NSA blackmail and more harsh methods. They are running a giant free range slave plantation using income tax and fake money. Remember what Jesus said about loving money cousin. Wouldn’t it be wiser to stop this nonsense altogether and transition to a land based form of taxation? You see my reasoning is that such a system is much fairer as the owners of a particular parcel of land cannot move it to evade taxes like the richest do with their lovely money. Naturally, under this system improvements to the land such as homes would be tax free as would all labor based wealth. Only the location value of the land would be taxable and the farther out from urban areas the lower that tax until the farmlands where it drops to around zero. So all the minutia above contrived and stage as it is, though I see that you have not yet seen the big picture about such things we call “false flag attacks,” is arguing over the angel count on pinheads. Don’t be involved with pinheads cousin. Instead read Progress and Poverty by Henry George to see the fastest path to peace and prosperity for everybody. Here you can listen to it as well if you prefer:


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