Redundant Slave Reduction


The truth is the earth’s population for the most part is slave based to one degree or another. Labor is taken forcible usually in the form of income taxation of our labor after it has been converted into little green pieces of paper. Other countries use different colored paper and engravings but the same basic model prevails everywhere in the “modern” world.

The trouble we face as slaves is we are thought of AS slaves by the ruling establishment who have the utmost contempt and hatred for us as a group. They have tricked us into being slaves playing us against one another in the great game. Now two realities are converging that pose grave danger to the slave population and the ruling masters.

The information age has given an increasing number of slaves a window to see what the ruling establishment has been getting away with for a long time. Their misdeeds include things like spiking our food, water and medicine to incapacitate our thinking as well as see us off to early graves after our useful slave years are over. The rulers have murdered us then blamed it on others in false flag attacks to anger us enough to go away to other lands to kill other slaves there. Then the slave soldiers who live return to America as public hero’s sure but they are abused by the establishment rulers into an early grave through neglect and vaccines. When all else fails the ruling elites have their henchmen murder anyone who gets in their way – even presidents. All of these activities are recent occurrences and criminal. The information age has awakened slaves like yours truly to these ruling master criminal elites. That does not stop me from being a free range slave but it does allow me to take the profit out of it for the masters and be a pain in their asses by spreading the word about their giant deception and their crimes against us. So the masters damn sure can’t have too many more of us uppity slaves who have wised up to their games because their days would be over fast. But that is exactly what is happening every second of the day. Slaves are wising up and taking united actions individually. We do simple things that add up big like not taking the fluoride or the vaccines meant to fog our thinking and debilitate our health into early graves. Awake slaves strive to use money less and barter more to rob the taxman and our masters. When a critical mass of the enslaved is reached then it is over for the masters and I might add all of their overseer minions like NSA and CIA traitors. That critical mass doesn’t even have to be that large once they begin to act as one which I believe is already happening right now. Those slaves still in the dark are docile and will follow the herd wherever they go. So for example when enough slaves realize fluoride in the tap water is designed to make slaves stupid, docile, sick and dead too early they start not drinking it and demanding it’s removal. The still stupid slaves will drink whatever the herd is drinking but benefit nonetheless from clearer thinking and improved health.

The other big reason why the majority of the slave population has to be culled by the masters is we won’t be necessary for them much longer. Robots are replacing human slaves everyday and doing a damn sight better job for the masters I might add. They never complain, work 24 hours a day everyday and never want off, they don’t get sick or demand higher wages – or any wages actually. Robots are even waiting to do the job that most of us won’t do for any amount of money unless our lives depended on it – kill other slaves. Robots do what they are programmed to do and have no conscience. Once robots can build any and all other robots then our days are numbered fellow slaves.

Actually, for most slaves our days are already numbered. We’ve been poisoned and vaccinated into early graves even if we’ve awakened to the reality of living on the free range slave plantation and taken mitigating measures. But I assure you enlightened free range slaves in general are living longer, healthier lives as a result of altering our lifestyles. But having said all of the above warnings to my fellow slaves, I like our chances. I wouldn’t trade places with the masters. They are losing the information war. Slaves like me NEVER go back to our old ways of being duped slaves once we have seen the lies of the masters. Our numbers grow while the few thousand elite masters now in-fight against one another in a desperate attempt to keep their plantation afloat. They push one another under now to keep their own heads out of water. I see anything big they try to do now coming back on the masters and not in a good way. Most of the masters formerly compartmentalized duped minions in places like the CIA and NSA are awake now and working for the slave team leaking information and dropping paperclips in the mechanism of tyranny. The elite masters don’t have a clue who they can trust any longer and are increasingly paralyzed.


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