Defeating A Nation

There have been many strategies to undermine and defeat a nation. One effective path to destroy a nation is using economics to control output, consumption and wages. The easiest way to control an economy is to have a monopoly on energy and money.

Clearly we have exactly that situation here in America today. Energy corporations and the Federal Reserve Bank use their monopoly over money and energy to turn the economy on and off, up or down. It’s not a perfect system but it has been effective thus far to manipulate the economy to secretly depress job creation and wages thereby making Americans desperate, fearful and dependent.

Dependents must do what mommie and daddy say or they get spanked and confined in their rooms. They may be forced to do some extra choirs as punishment. That’s fine for children of the family but do you think this is how intelligent grown-ups should live?

I’d say hell no! But the key word there is “intelligent.” If you are going to let oil companies and electric producers jack your prices up while the Federal Reserves prints up oodles of extra money in secret to hand out to their buddies devaluing the money for over 100 years now, then we can’t really call you bright now can we?

Still, it is pleasant during these times when the natives are getting restless and looking angrily at the above mentioned monopolists imagining them without heads or dangling from a noose, that they drop the price of gas down for a bit taking the brakes off of the economy for a spell. Cheaper fuel and stable money value always leads to job creation – and more jobs than workers to fill them always leads to higher wages and benefits.

That’s why the monopolists diddle with the growth of jobs because as soon as there are too many jobs they have to start handing out raises, offering up better benefits and basically treating us more like human beings. Still, is hopeful for some to believe unions and government and such will bring them prosperity – one day because it damn sure hasn’t ever done it yet. Of course some do in fact make a tidy living on the TV asserting these notions.


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