The Dropping Gas Prices

Before I explain why gas is getting cheaper let me remind you virtually everything, especially over mass media, is a deception and a manipulation.

Gasoline prices are no different. Energy is one of the vital commodities needed for the modern human lifestyle and its cost to consumers is directly correlated with the earth itself. By that I mean the more of the earth that individuals or groups can monopolize the higher they can bill you for the stuff like gas that we want or need to live better than the animals. The twin pillars, the big boys of monopolies are the energy monopolies and currency creating monopolies. Between these two vises a nation’s economy can be crushed or allowed to grow. Drop the price of gas and or expand the money supply then you’re sure to get an economy rolling down the tracks. Do the opposite and aw – we’re in a recession. The newspapers and networks struggling to stay afloat never delve into this obvious correlation amongst these economic bedfellows.

Well now comes the part about why gas is getting cheaper today. We’re at war with Russia. No the shooting hasn’t started directly between Russian and American troops. Instead the economy first salvos are being launched to cripple the Russian economy. Maybe it’ll work eliminating a big competitor with the Western Banking/Oilygarchs dropping the price of your fill up at the pump. The West has oodles of oil and that’s always been the case. The Oilygarchs can flood the market anytime it suits their fancy and now is one of those times. For Russian oil production to be profitable it requires high world oil prices. The Russian Oilygarchy, smaller and more nationalistic than the Western Oilygarchy, possesses the same top heavy structure built on corruption possible because of their monopoly over Russian oil bearing areas of the earth.

So all the economic warring put aside for the moment, doesn’t it get you pissed off that for the past hundred years these greasy oil monopolists have jacked with the price of our energy building vast empires of wealth at the same time to use against us? Doesn’t all the nonsense about oil shortages and peak oil get you angry now? Or are you too brain stupid, damaged by all of the poisons you’re being fed like lab rats to ever get angry about how you’re taking it south of the border in so many ways it’s futile to list them here.

The point here is energy is monopolized and used to control humans beings who are said to be free. How is that possible? We’re free but the planet is monopolize by several cabals of Oilygarchs and their money changers who can jack the price of our oil or our money anytime they feel like it to suit their purposes. How did this every come about?

This has happened because we’ve been hoodwinked and coerced into being free range slaves while a growing minority are being snatched by unconstitutional laws into the old fashion ball and chain slavery of the prison system labor racket. We have all been programmed to accept a fake reality that is really a form of slavery built on control by these few rich elites who own the planet. They are fighting a multi front war to control the planet. On the one hand our Western Oilygarchy is farming us like sheep with the income tax and inflationary counterfeit money creation, but on the other they are fighting with other two Oilygarchy’s – the Russian and the Chinese.

All of this is happening in your face yet you are too doped up or damaged to do a thing about it. So what does the future pose for humanity? Well in the short term lower gas prices. In the long term, if we free range slaves of the three nations don’t stop them first, war and mass death. Having said this it’s not the Russian or Chinese Oilygarchs who want to fight this war because they are in no position militarily to do so especially with all of the secret stuff the west is holding back for that nuclear rainy day. The two smaller foes of the West will eliminate the biggest threat to the Oilygarchs – us.

Let me sum up by saying that all of the above misery is caused by one thing. It is permitted for a very few individual of means to buy up or bomb up a planet in order to exploit the other 7 billion humans as their slaves. I’d like to show you how we can change the current system of our slave labor economy into one built upon sharing the earth and it’s resources. Naturally, many of you have already been mind programmed by the above mentioned monopolists to right about now begin shouting “COMMUNIST!” The communist countries were backed and propped up to this very day by the big three Oilygarchs as bogie men to defer attention to the real biggest enemies of mankind. But in communist countries there is still land monopoly occurring but under the auspices of the state plus the apparatchiks attempt to control every other aspect of the economy but for the same motivation as the Oilygarchs – control.

Nah! That isn’t what I’m speaking about either so break through your mind control and listen up. I think I’ve found a way to transition from this slave based economy of dupes led by shills, into one based on sharing the earth rather than continuing to fight over it. The coolest aspect of my plan is it could bring together minimalist government Libertarians with the philosophical anarchist libertarians impossible as that may seem.

How to do this can’t be done with one big bite. It’s going to take time for me to explain it and to allay your pre-programmed mind control opposition to this different approach. Right off the bat the anarchists will be screaming at me for daring to suggest that there should be any government at all as if there is some magic switch that could just turn it off. You’ll have just as much success turning off the Mafia, my no-government friends. No, my approach is based of violence reduction leading to less and less government along with it’s intrusive controlling nature on the individual. Having said that there is a way to transition away from having any government at all in the future but it would depend on all the individual. So we can speculate about this utopia or we can move in that direction as far as other people will permit.

But first you must stop agreeing to be free range slaves. That means there are no royal or hereditary individuals entitled to own the planet making the rest of us their resource and Real Estate share croppers forced to use their script to buy what we need in their globalist company stores! When you are ready to stop being free range slaves only then can you open your perceptions to a better way of doing things based on individual liberty and sharing the earth. I’m going to give you practical ways to do things in the coming years when the Oilygarchs plan to put the squeeze on us free range slaves via, pandemics, staged racial rioting, currency collapse followed by a collapse in the economy itself. However, at the end of the day all you need is food, water, good medicine and friend and family. GOOD NEWS! These needs are everywhere is we work together. I’ll show you the ways I’m making my own food and my plans to ride out the economic collapse next year. If I can convince a sufficient number of you free range slaves to join me in my revolt based upon getting self sufficient and prepared we can win this battle against the Evil Oilygarchy of the West. Ding Dong the Oilygarchs are dead.


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