Anne Arundel County Stole Christmas

I’ve heard of these tax lien deals where you purchase the tax debt in order to get a lien on somebody’s property. But I always assumed it was for people who refused to pay a tax debt. In our case we had neglected to pay an outstanding water and sewer bill. We were short of money at the time and simply didn’t pay it.

Then the county stopped billing us for this missed payment and never added it to current payments we have been making so we forgot all about it until a couple days ago when we got a certified letter from a lawyer in Chicago. Apparently he put a lien on our house for this debt to the county and all we needed to do was pony up almost $900 to him and we could buy the rights to purchase our home back and finally pay the original $500 water and sewer bill as well within 60 days or he’ll do it again on us. So our Christmas was stolen this year by some greedy Chicago lawyer at the behest of the Anne Arundel country government.

But my friends and family understand it’s not our fault. I hope the Anne Arundel shop keepers, mall owners and county tax robbers don’t mind either that we’re not spending jack this year thanks to this shorted thinking! DEAL WITH IT!


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