Fixing The Immigration Problem

Continuing to show Americans how we all can go from being a poor police state populated by free range slaves, I thought it would be nice to also solve the immigration crisis at the same time. For you see, it all relates to the same problem. The problem is we are all free range slaves except for the ball and chain slaves in the prison labor industry.

The main tactic for keeping both of these main slave groups in line is to pit one group of slaves against other sub groups also living in slavery. So the shadow rulers instigated our government, through blackmail and coercion mostly, to write laws that purported to do one thing or another that would be good for us but in reality are used to keep the slave population from coming together to overthrow our compromised puppet leadership. Drug laws are a perfect example. Soon after reversing the folly of Alcohol Prohibition the puppet U.S. government began outlawing drugs left and right though no Constitutional amendment was ever passed that would give the federal government ANY authority to criminalize drugs for individuals. This was to cure all sorts of social evils but from the beginning the shadow government within the CIA, FBI then the DEA and all the alphabet agencies of slave control have been the main importers of the very drugs they unconstitutionally banned. Why? It’s obvious. To aide in the construction and operation of the free range slave population. For example, the current CIA Afghanistan heroin operation nets billions every year that can be leveraged to blackmail, kill or run other secret operations like arming our enemies to menace us, all without Congressional funding which keep the slaves in the dark. Then when one of you free range slaves or your kids get caught with any CIA products your are robbed by the government of everything they can squeeze from you and sent to prison to be a ball and chain slave. So that’s who we’re dealing with here which explains a lot about the current immigration crisis.

You see amigos, the shadow rulers knew long ago that eventually the things their puppet government was doing to us would get the various slave groups to put aside their differences and well, if history is any guide, kill the puppet governors in the streets. In fact with the Internet there’s a good chance we can find and prosecute the actual shadow government rulers in the banking and energy industry for the most part. So, in order to regain control of the current American free range slave population a plan that was formulated decades ago has been green-lighted. The Cloward and Pivon plan is designed to open the doors to millions of poor invading free range slaves from south of the border.  They are meant to overwhelm social services, police, health facilities, etc. in order to sow chaos and be the new army of duped free range slaves. These newly legalized American free range slave will vote Democrat because in their primitive understanding of things Democrats will have been the ones who gave them the goodies paid for by Americans getting the shaft be they black or white, men or women, gay or straight.

Having been brutally honest about the above mentioned scum shadow rulers and their tactics used to control their free range slave operation, we still have a problem with the millions of illegals inside the U.S. borders. At this point we can’t forcibly vanish them, banish them or even jail them apparently. In addition to being the globalists asymmetrical army of invaders used to regain control of their unruly American slave population, the illegals are being legalized so they will be brought out from under the black market table to pay taxes and such. But what would you say if I forwarded a plan that could fix it all and make everybody happy except for the globalist shadow rulers and their puppet American government?

Well here goes. Firstly let me say America is a private club under the control of its rightful owners, the American people currently living under one of the two basic forms of slavery. As such we decide who gets to come in and under what circumstance those may be just as it is with our own individual homes and businesses. Those wishing to become Americans must go through an initiation that includes learning English, adoption of the American traditions of individual liberty and basic freedoms plus an understanding of our history and form of government. Only after having completed these things should citizenship be available to foreign born individuals.

Be that as it should be, the globalist are smack dab in the middle of an invasion using poor desperate slaves from the south to destroy America as we have come to know it. They are here now like the Visigoths camping around Rome. Pissing them off or brutalizing these pawns of the globalists will only aggravate matters. Instead we should turn the globalists’ plans against them. Here’s the plan:

  1. Abolish the income tax for American citizens. Take Obama’s globalist dictate and use it against him and his handlers. Keep the income tax for non citizens making all the groups happy. Americans will be happy because they would have no more income tax nor have to report their private business to the IRS plus they will be at a competitive advantage in the labor market over migrant workers. The illegal immigrant population will be happy because they would be legal migrants able to work in America. Hell, even the IRS will be happy as they get to keep their jobs income taxing migrant workers’ wages.
  2. Remove the flaw in capitalism. Capitalism is used to create wealth yet somehow there’s never enough of it created and not enough of it gets into the hands of the poorest of the poor so that they could lead a decent human life. Why? First you must understand the basics of wealth creation and what wealth is and is not. Wealth is everything humans either need or want to live a modern human existence. Where does it come from? Wealth = Land + Human Labor. Land has been defined incorrectly as wealth but it is not wealth any more than humans are wealth. In order to create wealth you must mix both the land and human labor. For example gold is just a rock sitting nowhere until humans dig it up, process it and bring it to the marketplace for sale. The same holds true for potatoes. Bringing land physically into the market square is not possible. Sure you can bring title to the land into the marketplace just as you COULD bring humans into the marketplace and claim they both are a form of wealth. But this is nonsense. Humans and their labor taken forcibly is slavery and absolute title to the land has the same effect by creating a free range slave population of renting share croppers. Right about now some may begin to scream “COMMUNIST” but what I advocate is not that at all. Everybody who own their land can keep their land. In fact the improvements to land like houses and such would be tax free like income would be for American citizens. Only the location value of land would be taxed by the local government to pay for local needs. A portion would be sent to the state and federal governments to pay for those levels of government. Summing up this point, the reason not enough wealth is being created is too much productive land is being unused or being under used due to land monopoly. The location tax’s main goal besides raising revenue obviously, is to force owners of productive, desirably located land to use it for wealth production rather than as an investment for Real Estate speculation which creates no wealth whatsoever. Real Estate speculative ownership of land legally allows the owners of this under used land to get all the surrounding land owners paying high building taxes and building infrastructure that produce enormous profits for his under used land because of these improvements nearby for which he has paid nothing. In short labor has build the things for which the land speculator profits by hold his land fallow not creating wealth for society.
  3. The outcome of this simple reform would have broad positive consequences across the economy. Because building and renovation would no longer be punished by taxation America would see a boom in this industry the likes of which has never been seen before. I’m talking about millions and millions of jobs repairing homes and businesses for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. There would be so many high paying jobs for Americans no longer paying income tax that we’d be damn glad for the migrant population taking up the slack and adding to the public coffers with their income tax payments.

Sure this plan goes much farther than the above. There’s even a way to do the entire plan privately ending all government but that depends on a wealthy, enlighten public. Today we have desperate free range slaves scared for tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be better to get wealthy fast, cut back on the size and intrusiveness of government before we debate the merits of being anarchists? Forget about those moral imperatives until we build a freer, richer society. Another nice aspect of my immigration plan, besides freeing the slave population and making them richer, migrants would be able to legally travel back and forth to their home countries loaded down with their newly created wealth. That will be a pain in the ass for their puppet governments and the same globalist scum who control our puppet government.


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