The Conquest Using Immigrants

This is my message to illegal immigrants who think that they’ve just hit the jackpot. The reality my poor amigos is you are being used as pawns by criminals running the U.S. government. They work with the drug gangs on both sides of the border giving them guns and supplying the drugs. The Democrat side of the gang is using you to bring down the nation’s social infrastructure by overwhelming it with your shear numbers. Americans today are nowhere near as rich as many of you believe we are and we’re only halfway through the depression with the worst half still to come.

The Democrats along with the NSA compromised Republican leadership want to sow chaos to justify more control over the American population. They hope to get a civil war going so that in the melee they can silence forever people like me who are aware of the sinister plan to destroy America for it’s annexation into the world government. In short, you are moving into a civil war zone and could be held responsible for the dramatic decline in the economy scheduled for next year if the Fed bankers can stall it for that long. In addition, the government has plans to use bio-weapons on us if they can get away with it so I hope you like Ebola too.

And lastly, one final warning. Presidential executive orders have no lasting weight in law. The next president can just as easily rescind this order making it null and void. Then la Migras can legally deport all of you and I must add that by signing up for amnesty they now have your address. When the economy collapses you could be held responsible by poor desperate Americans always looking for a scapegoat. You could be rounded up and sent to the FEMA work camps and certainly some of you will be eliminated. You come to a country secretly controlled by very dangerous criminals. Do you have ANY idea how many Americans have already fled America with many planning or wishing they could do so? Why? Because the government now feeds off of us schmuck Americans crushing us down to make us desperate and poor. But if you immigrants get your wish you too will be exploited eventually and milked like cows for your labor.

I just wanted you to know what you’re getting into.


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