Replacing The Transmission

I’m going to be busy for the next few days reinstalling my wife’s newly rebuilt transmission for her Eclipse. I would have already finished the job or at the very least finishing up on it taking advantage of this beautiful day, at least temperature wise. But NO! The AAMCO neglected to give me the torque converter and that’s the first part of the job. Slide the torque converter into the end of the transmission then you can attach the transmission with the motor and put them back into the car.

But I was stressed out with the recent theft of our Christmas cash by the county tax revenuers in collusion with a greedy Chicago lawyer plus my son had a dental problem mostly from not listening to me.

Who am I? I’m just a father – the entity that everybody knows is stupid and might kill myself if it were not for the wise children warning me of dangers I’m oblivious to as well as my wife who is really like my wife/mommie. She knows best right after the children but if there is any doubt bring in our government overlords and have them make the call because they are the modern daddy for all of us.

Well this isn’t exactly as it is in my house at least any longer. I’ve broken through the programming and deprogrammed my wife. I’ve pointed out that every TV show starting with everything on the Disney Network, if the kids have any mother and father at all, they are woefully stupid. Every sitcom has completely stupid fathers. In fact, the only males on TV who are not portrayed as ignoramuses are ones working in the fantasy security police state programs where they are serious about torturing, abusing but all to keep us safe. If I went for that fake narrative I truly would be stupid.

However, I am capable of doing too many complex, very technical tasks like rebuilding my wife’s and my son’s car engines and completely overhauling the cars in my driveway. That’s why I’m complaining today because the delay with the torque converter may have my 60 year-old ass freezing in the cold to finish this job. But that’s life. I do the plumbing, carpentry, brick laying, gardening, etc. so my wife at least has come to believe I’m actually very smart despite what TV says. My children have been more of a challenge to break through their programming. These days kids aren’t even mostly programmed with TV any longer which is good for the controllers because nobody believes TV nor even watches most of the shows they are so bad. Today’s kids are programmed by video games that allow them to be very successful but in a fake world that does not exist in reality. In the real world people have teeth that must be maintained like everything except perhaps gold and you have to guard the hell out of that if you want to keep it.

So my son, who thought I was so stupid a year and a half ago when I advised him that he really needed to get to the dentist soon, did what he has done since he was old enough to watch TV. He ignored me and went back to playing his video games. Then after his face swelled up and I had to make some calls to get him into my dentist that second he was back on the mend with a $4000 dental bill that he is going to have to pay to have the necessary work done due to his neglect and his programming that his dad was stupid. Suddenly I wasn’t so stupid. He began to hear what I said including that he was being programmed to do exactly the opposite of what his father advised. Because I had advised him to see a dentist in his pre-programmed mind that meant he should NOT see a dentist.

However, the swelling and the pain proved that sort of thinking was built upon a lie. But everything on TV is a lie. I use it as my guide for living. If TV says it’s bad then it’s actually good. If TV says it’s good then I avoid it like the plague.


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