Building a Food Machine

So getting away from the big picture for a spell, here are some ideas to grow your own food that you can actually eat and not wonder if the globalists have spiked it with poison. We know none of the veggies as it is now has any usable nutrients.


Here is one of my two rain barrels that I use the overflow from to water my garden. Also by putting the barrels on towers you can use a hose and gravity to get the water where you need it during emergencies.


The triangle structures are frames for my cold frame window panes and double as trellis’ for summer crop when I remove the panes as they appear now except for the completely covered triangle garden to the right. Notice the PVC pipe running across the picture. That’s the pipe coming from my rain barrel overflow. Note that on the other side of the house I capture the rain gutter water in the largest Coy pond. By the way filters in the Coy and Goldfish ponds produce great organic fertilizer.


Here is the triangle garden already growing leeks and carrots during the coldest November in ages. I use either doors that swing open or panels that pop out.


Here inside the triangle garden the carrots and leeks are looking fine.


Here at the bottom end of the triangle garden notice the green drip hose that is the end of the line for my rain gutter irrigation system.


Here in the center garden I have cabbages growing. I’m still building the window panes so I’m a bit behind schedule. But putting the rebuilt transmission in my wife’s car set me back for time.


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