Ferguson And The 1968 Riots

Yeah the “protesters” always hit the liquor stores first. I watched Ferguson burning and it reminded me of the 1968 riots here in DC. The 14th Street corridor was burned and looted because that’s what MLK would have wanted to avenge his death – NOT!!!

That was a black owned business area with many mom and pop shops that catered to the needs of the community. Then for the next 30 years I heard how unfair it was that there were not grocery stores and whatnot to serve the needs of the people. Many people had to take buses or a cab to get to an area that had the stores they needed to supply the things necessary for life, i.e. grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. Yes everybody focused on how unfair business people were by not locating in an area that had recently been burned down mostly by local residents. But the 14th Street corridor served nicely as the red light district and there were many stop and cop drug markets to fill the needs of the junkies.

Having said the above Governor Nixon is a lackey to the federal instigators who could not have planned the entire affair better to assure there would be rioting. Instead of announcing the verdict in the middle of the coldest night in memory, they waited till the weather warmed up and made the announcement at eight in the evening. Then government does what they always do and had the cops retreat to the police station to guard their fort but to hell with all the businesses.

And speaking of the businesses bless their naive little hearts. Many didn’t even board up much less arm up and shoot the first son of a bitch that tried to burn down their business. No. They didn’t want to convey the wrong message. What was that message? The shop keepers apparently believed if they laid down and groveled to the mob that the mob would pass them by because they were showing solidarity with them.

Baloney! We’re in the middle of an economic take down by compromised politicians who have to do what they are told by their banker overlords via the secret police. Jobs have been taxed and regulated out of existence leaving the young mostly black with nothing to do and no hope for the future. So the scum that run this country using the scum that broadcast to this nation, manipulated the desperate population into burning their own village down although many rioters were simply criminals from out of town looking to make a buck.

Well Ferguson good luck finding a burger joint or a dry cleaners or a food store. Time to hop on a bus for the trip to the grocery store an hour away.

Wake up the rest of you. We are in a war against our own government. They use their monopoly over the media to manipulate the fluoridated, brain programmed dupes to be their army to sow chaos. Now the rest of you dupes want the government to grab even more power and control over everybody. Why? Will they protect the police department building better?

That’s not the answer. The answer is GET A GUN! For heavens sake you are a dupe if you believe the government will protect you. They are too worried now protecting their own minions in the police and establishment businesses. The government will not do a thing to the looters and arsonists even though they are on video all over the place committing crimes. If the government was interested in protecting the peace instead of inciting riots then they would start by arresting Michael Brown’s step father shown over and over ordering the mob to burn the place down. That is a clear case of inciting a riot and he should be prosecuted. On the flip side of the coin Governor Nixon should resign for following federal orders to have the national guard stand down. Americans ought to know by now that all the federal government ever does is instigate chaos, get in the way of local police and emergency services preventing them from doing their job and when that won’t do the feds insert Delta force to be provocateurs.

To sum up we do not have a federal government per se. We have a narco gang run by foreign bankers who have a delusion that they can use our own corrupt political class to tear America down to be absorbed into their global government. Either they will be successful which will lead to infighting among these rulers once the anointed banksters have consolidated power or the American people will wise up, rise up and rout out these snakes from power over us. But either way it won’t be good for the establishment who will be destroyed by the American people or they will destroy themselves infighting. But in both the Ferguson and 1968 riots the federal government was the main instigators. The government murdered MLK and they did exactly what was necessary in Ferguson to create the problem then exasperate it. WAKE UP AND QUIT BEING LED AROUND BY THE NOSE!


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