Cops Abuse White Guys Too

I just wanted everybody to understand who our real enemies are. That’s because all war is deception. Your real enemy doesn’t want to actually have a fight with you because the truth be told, whether you’re black or white, kind of wealthy or poor, straight or gay, whatever – we are all actually on the same side. There are 7 billion of us and at its core only a few thousand mega wealthy individuals mostly involved in banking, finance, energy and bombs. These few thousand members of a small number of intermarried wealthy families have effective control over all of the western governments meaning they tell the CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, NSA, MI6, etc., what to do. These enemy captured agencies then, using money, blackmail or other abuses, tell the state and local officials in key positions what to do like ordering Governor Nixon to have the National Guard stand down and let the looters burn Ferguson. Using these assets the enemy has secretly captured, they can engineer then steer any social movement or political cause that forwards their ultimate goal – our defeat and an age of total slavery.

So you can see why we must be tricked into thinking you and I are enemies when we all want the same basic things out of life meaning we want to earn a decent living, raise our families, enjoy our friends and live in peace. The few thousand mega wealthy controllers on the other hand have no use for these things that we normal humans desire. They are inbred crazy people who love causing pain, murdering innocents all in their sick drive to dominate and control the earth and the other 7 billion humans. You can see what would become of them if the truth became widely known. But that’s not going to be discussed in any of the communications media that they monopolize. They are surely crazy alright but they damn sure aren’t stupid. It’s worked well so far because as long as the enemy’s plans are not aired on TV, in dramatic movie productions, university classes and such then the plan to enslave us is not perceived by the masses. Instead the enemy focuses our concerns on staged windmills like CO2 or the perception that every social injustice is due to general racism in the public.

It’s enemy generated nonsense! Race is very important to the enemy however. These mega wealthy enemy families absolutely hate dark skinned people and you can see this very clearly from looking back at the tactics used by the enemy. Every attack by the enemy has been initially launched into black communities whether it was injecting CIA crack into black neighborhoods or injecting syphilis into black men then not telling them so they would spread it where they lived. Then after these test runs on minority populations the enemy scum takes the attacks to the other population groups. We are all hated by these inbred crazies though as stated dark skinned people are at the top of their hate list. So racism absolutely is the reason black people are poor and the victims of abuse. But it’s not from the mom and pop shops or the car dealership on the corner. They are on our side too against our real enemies. We’re all scheduled to be murdered by these nuts if we don’t wise up and kill them first. Our time is running out but we are giving them a run for their money.

Having said the above, as the title states we white guys get abused by the cops as well. I’ve never had a really bad criminal cop who outright committed an obvious crime against me like happens these days regularly to people of all races and increasingly to people of all economic strata. Cops are raping women, stealing money and shooting people without just cause. So in this respect I’ve been fortunate but much of that is due to my communication ability. Whenever I speak to a cop I’m polite, direct and firm. I know my rights and for all the cop knows I damn sure could be a lawyer. Cops don’t like to mess with lawyers.

However, on this particular Friday night coming home from a long hard week at the job, I was driving my daughter’s little 1995 Tercel that no self-respecting lawyer has ever been known to drive or even be a passenger in. So the cop at the alcohol sobriety checkpoint knew damn well as he approached my window that I was no lawyer. I, on the other hand, had let my anger at being delayed by this nonsense by 1/2 an hour only 4 blocks from my house. For you see normally whatever the reason for my encounters with the police, I keep a pleasant demeanor and my hands visible. But I was unhappy about the delay and it showed on my face which in and of itself is not a crime. So the cop asks as I roll down my window, “Have you been drinking tonight, sir?” I replied blandly in a monotone voice, “No sir I just got off work at the Washington Post and they don’t allow us to drink on the job.” To which this Annapolis city cop replied, “Oh yeah. Well pull your car over there.” Pointing me to a side road. I responded, “Sir I just told you I haven’t been drinking because I just got off at the Post.” He replied, “That don’t impress me. Pull over there.”

So I complied. Then for the next 45 minutes the cop detained me forcing me to prove my sobriety by making me do silly isometric exercise moves that the truth be told, most people my age would find difficult to do stone sober. If you don’t believe me then you chunky folks in the crowd try to stand on one leg and count to twenty. But I passed those tests so the cop moved to the next phase which he demonstrated himself walking a line, turning and walking back. I did as I though he demanded perfectly but when I finished he informed me that he had instructed my to start with my right foot first but I had started using my left foot first. So I had to do it again this time making sure I started out on the right foot which I had not done originally or I would not have been in the predicament.

After completing all the unlawful demands of the cop he began going over the paperwork and asking me questions in a rude manner designed to provoke my anger. But I remained calm despite his smug unlawful behavior and he gave me back all of the papers and asked me one final question. “Do you know why I pulled you over tonight Mr. Estrada-Palma?” I responded, “Yes sir you didn’t like my answer to you first question.” He replied, “That’s correct. Have a nice night Mr. Estrada-Palma.” That was not going to be possible after all of that and of course the cop was gloating as I drove off knowing this full well. I figured I’d contact all my politicians but soon calmed down and remembered that would do no good at all. I concluded I simply wouldn’t live in Annapolis anymore and we moved shortly after that. The capital of Maryland has lost tens of thousand in tax revenue as a result of the cop’s unlawful actions.

Be that as it is, I’m not equating this form of unlawful police behavior with getting shot to death by the police. But in either case, unlawful abuse is unlawful abuse and must not be tolerated by the people or we are slaves. Naturally this is why these things are happening regularly these days. We’re being programmed to be slaves by those mega wealthy families using our own money and our own government as our overseers. This means we’ve got to stop all of this fighting because we’re all on the same side being played against one another to divide, conquer and enslave us all be we black or white. Let’s put aside our petty differences and focus on routing out our real enemies – that being these mega wealthy families and their corrupt minions of traitors pulling the levers of government.


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