Finishing Up On The Transmission Job

Well the transmission is finally in my wife’s car and everything is filled up with fluids and more importantly with no leaks. I had to take a break yesterday so Ricky and I could go pick up some free wood. We needed Rick’s chainsaw as mine is too small for these big logs of yellow oak and some hickory too.


You need one of these engine hoists to pull the engine and transmission in and out of the car. That’s my son’s Camaro behind the engine.

But now the wood is in a pile by the side of the house and as soon as it warms up a bit I’ll move the extra engine blocking the front of the driveway then finish up putting the last components back into the car, check the fluids again then move it finally out of the driveway.


Here’s the freewood I picked up yesterday. I still have to split most of it but it’s good exercise and – did I mention it’s free? To the left is my $1500 Chevy utility truck. I’m wicked good finding vehicle deals like this. My last car was a 1991 Celica, lasted me 7 or 8 years, cost me $950 to buy it and I sold it for $900. So I took a small loss aye?

Then I can move the spare engine up into the top of the driveway by the shed. Spare engine? Yes the way my wife blows up engines I figured we’d waste less time getting her car back on the road with an engine in the waiting ready to go. Besides her 1995 Eclipse the engine will work in my son’s car as well. He has a 1998 Eclipse.


Here’s where I started on the Eclipse this morning. Now I still need to put in the cross-member, battery then fire it up and make sure the fluids are right. But before that I have to go to the auto parts joint because I remember a couple of the lug nuts have bad threads.

We Cubans are notorious for working on cars to keep them on the road rather than deal with government interference in acquiring a new model with all the taxation, regulations and outright embargoes.


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