Guantanamo Bay Solution

First, let me say my great grandfather never gave Guantanamo Bay to the great Yankee menace to the north. The fact remains that the American government wanted 10 bases or more and as the emerging most powerful nation on earth was in a position to simply take what it wanted. So Don Tomas Estrada-Palma signed a 99 year lease which was amended later by another president to an endless lease. So the shadow government ruling America gets to keep Guantanamo Bay forever for twenty bucks a year.

This is a microcosm of what goes on in the world today and is proof enough to this Cuban that America is not under the control of Americans steeped in the knowledge of liberty and dedicated to furthering these ideals of the founders for their fellow man. Cuba was one of the early bogie men regimes established by the CIA. This is the same CIA that sent in brave Cuban exiles into the Bay of Pigs to be slaughtered by a tipped-off Castro. So is the American sector a bastion of freedom and liberty there in Guantanamo Bay?

You see amigos if the U.S. government was really all about spreading the blessings of liberty and the accompanying prosperity to the people the world around would Guantanamo Bay be a Devil’s Island prison and training ground for CIA double agents in their Al Qaeda gangs?

Of course not. What a true American government free of the foreign corruption and illegal influence would do is establish a Hong Kong version for Guantanamo Bay. Turn the base into a haven for freedom seeking Cubans either here in America and for those escaping the Communist part of the island. If millions of Chinese can live on a rock in Hong Kong why can’t the same hold true for Cubans. With a free Guantanamo Bay there would be enormous opportunities for creating wealth if done correctly.

That correct way of doing things would be to establish the first Georgist economic system for funding the government. Free Cubans in Guantanamo Bay would only pay a fee to the local Guantanamo Bay government for the value of the location they own. Improvements to that land, income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on production, transportation, etc. would be banned. This free Cuban zone would quickly become one of the richest nations per capita but the best part is this wealth would be spread broadly throughout the society leading to a growing wealthy middle class of enlightened, peaceful Cubans.

Well now you can see clearly why this can never happen as long as America remains a puppet of foreign bankers and industrialists bent on controlling the earth or destroying her in the attempt. Say we really did set up Guantanamo Bay as a free Georgist economic zone for Cubans for sake of a mental experiment. The Communist parts of Cuba proper would collapse within a year as the successes of Guantanamo Bay’s economic miracle became apparent to the poor Cubans still saddled with an economic model from the 1800’s. The rest of Cuba would soon follow the Guantanamo Bay model which is quite different from the modern U.S. economic debt slavery model. And therein lies the rub. How long do you think Americans would stand for Federal Reserve Board free range debt slavery with Cubans happy and getting richer only 90 miles away? In fact if Cubans were to read this from a relic of their history then say to themselves right that very instant, “You know, Don Tomas’ great grand kid has a pretty good idea there,” then adopt this economic model – well – you can be damn sure America would need to declare war on Cubans immediately before the idea caught on with Americans.


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