The Scheduled 2015 Attack On America

This is one of your last warnings Amigos. The televised preconditioning for a major city being nuked here in America is being released in the same manner we were softened up by news reports of Bin Laden’s escapades elsewhere in the world before 9/11.

This has been going on for a long time. In fact these type of things have happened throughout history and are the norm. What is different in the modern world is the enemy can broadcast any reality over every horizon and dominate our thinking without us ever taking any notice that we are under an attack. Add to this the poisons that have been secretly inserted into our food, drink and medicine and you have a nation ripe for being conquered.

The secret rulers and their minions in the police state intelligence agencies, at least at the top, have been getting away with murder. Well, mostly overseas at any rate and was explained to their underlings that these deaths were necessary for our American security. Operation Gladio back in the ’70’s had the CIA blowing up completely innocent Europeans to blame on radical communist groups like the Red Brigade.

To be able kill at will like this with impunity to punishment on this earth is a god-like power. No man can use this power then never thirst for more. They become serial killers whether they be Ted Bundy or a cabal of generals and politicians. However, before the Clinton years the secret police didn’t stage any mass killings here in America to sow chaos and blame their enemies like they did in Europe and elsewhere. Sure the Agency murdered the Kennedy’s in public assassinations and got away with it and many other Americans were murdered by the CIA in experiments, hits to silence people and such. The police state establishment even got away with tricking Americans into war with Vietnam using a wag-the-dog incident called Tonkin that never actually happened but over 50,000 dead GI’s and a million or so dead Vietnamese are very real.

As I said the CIA staged these terror attacks overseas before the Oklahoma bombing in the ’90’s. That worked so well, even though many aspects of the job were clearly bungled leading to further police state murders of regular police who refused to be quiet, that it gave these serial murdering ghouls new confidence that they could get away with anything. Serial killers always have their reasons for killing more people but at the end of the day they simply enjoy killing other people. We are ruled by a cabal of these type of people who have already gotten away with mass murder of Americans in Oklahoma and then the 9/11 attack that was clearly an inside job aided by Saudi Arabia, Pakistani intelligence members, Israeli intelligence, MI6 and others.

My point is they have thus far gotten away with these crimes of massive serial murder and it has been a tremendous rush of raw power which they exercised to snuff out those 3000 lives. These snakes have to do it again and it has to be bigger next time murdering at least tens of thousand initially and even more eventually. It’s what serial killers do if allowed to operate on a grand stage filled with duped victims asleep at the switch of life like a young girl catching a ride with Ted Bundy.

The interesting thing about these serial killers is they love to brag. For example they admit the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happen so “ha ha we fooled you!” You are “Stupid American voters” according to the genius Gruber. All the usual suspects like Dick Cheney are on the tube laying a foundation of bullshit about ISIS attacking America with nukes. Then the jailed and muzzled hacker of the political elites Gucifer claims he’s hacked evidence that Chicago and a Pennsylvania city are to be nuked. So everything is lining up for these twin nuke attacks next Fall or earlier if necessary. The necessary part is so many people are waking up to our serial killer rulers past deeds that their days may be numbered like Ted Bundy.

At the very least should they pull off these two nuke attacks I hope this warning awakes the survivors so we can arrest and finally prosecute these serial killers. Make this go viral and they dare not even try this next planned staged attack.


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