Taxing The Wrong Things

Take a look back in time amigos. For all of history society has been funded by slaves. Call us serfs, slaves, indentured servants, taxpayers, WHATEVER! When the things, ideas, etc. created by individual are taken from individuals they are slaves. All of the above categories might be look upon as if they were degrees on a thermometer. However the slave thermometer works backwards. The more enslave a nation becomes the colder and less productive the economy will be in every case. That’s because slaves are not so stupid as to work their butts off for their masters and instead spend a great deal of time hiding the fruits of their labor or stealing them where they can as the fastest route to their own prosperity. Soon we are a nation of liars, thieves and scoundrels in order to simply survive. Is this any way to run a society?

Hell no! I’ve been trying to wake you slaves up to show you a better way of funding society but I can’t break through your programming. Your masters know the sort of angles and words people like me usually try to use to convince you that you are slaves and that there is actually a much better way to fund society than on the backs of slave labor. Therefore the masters have programmed you beforehand in schools, with televisions and such to trigger a negative response to talk about people being slaves. Men and women in prison may be less likely to resist my assertions because they exist in the world of the old fashion ball and chain slavery. They know they live in a prison plantation, that their lives are severely restricted and that they must work for peanuts in the prison labor industry. But people on the outside are a different story. They are free range debt slaves who over a hundred years ago were still free men and women at least with their labor output. Blacks couldn’t go into certain places and women couldn’t vote but everybody who earned a dollar got to keep that dollar. Then is 1913 things changed, secretly of course.

The income tax was promised to be temporary, only 2% and levied only on the rich. That was people earning over 2 K per year. That same year the Federal Reserve was delivered in a late night session which should have been called the Bank of Rosemary’s Baby. That’s because this private bank could thereafter secretly print extra dollars which always causes inflationary increases in prices throughout the economy. It was not too many years before everybody was making over two thousand dollars a year thanks to Fed counterfeiting in secret. So low and behold more and more people had to pay more and more taxes. However, this was done slowly and deliberately like a snake wrapping its coils tighter and tighter around its prey squeezing the life out of it.

That’s where we are today amigos. The Federal Reserve snake are squeezing the life out of the economy and in doing this they snuff the life out of we individual free range debt slaves. Most of you slaves of all variations actually think your income tax is building roads and educating and whatnot. You couldn’t be more wrong. All that dough goes to the Federal Reserve Bank to pay the interest on the debt which of course the Fed created out of thin air and lent out to our government. The government even uses us as collateral for this borrowing scheme and the politicians who perpetrate this treason are lavishly rewarded for selling us down the road to slavery. The worst part is a bunch of us slaves are fixing to be eliminated by the western plantation masters in a gambit which they believe will allow them to increase the size of their plantation and one day the entire planet will be their plantation.

Having said all of this if I just convince you that we are slaves of one sort or another then we move late into the game in field goal position. Then at that point the only thing holding you slaves back from breaking your chains is fear of the unknown. Whatever will we do without our bankster masters? Alas we are but stupid lowly knaves. Well that’s the same crap people were being fed about slavery back in the 1800’s. Slaves couldn’t be freed because they didn’t have the capacity to secure their needs without a master directing them. This proved nonsense and blacks grew increasingly wealthy even in the face of discrimination right up until they were brought back to the welfare plantation starting in the 1960’s as the second permanent underclass in America with the Indians being the first on their reservation plantations.

If you agree with me about slavery then the next step is so easy and sensible. Stop taxing the slaves be they wealthy slaves or be they poor slaves. Instead, tax the plantation location value. Sure that means current wealthier slaves would have to pay the land location value tax as well but they’d be free of the income tax, tax on houses and businesses, sales, transport, etc. Basically if a tax is on the laborer it would be outlawed and replaced with a tax on land value depending on location. Say you own a piece of property in an urban area with a better than average location value compared with land out in the middle of nowhere with zero location value. Owners of land with zero location value would pay zero in land tax to own their land. These owners are people like farmers, lumberjack, miners, etc. who live and work the land out in the middle of nowhere and possess land with zero location value when compared to that penthouse on Park Avenue.

This different way to fund society has never been attempted before. The idea is to stop taxing good things we need more of like jobs and houses then replace all of these regressive taxes that hurt an economy and in doing so the people themselves, with a single site value tax based on location but never the improvements to the land. This rent paid to the local government would secure the individual’s right to perpetual ownership of their little piece of earth space but more importantly they could build a nest of wealth in their home or business free from all other taxation. Just think for a moment. If all you were paying was a set land rent back to the community for your fire protection, police, etc. and got to keep all your income plus you didn’t have to pay a tax to own a house, you would gradually become wealthier and wealthier.

Sure there’s more details to this plan but we can discuss these later once you admit you are a slave. Only then can you open your mind to a better way. But here’s part of the plan you will like I guarantee. The Federal Reserve, being a criminal organization, would be shuttered and all debts owed to it null and void. Therefore the local banks and lenders that borrowed money from the Fed banksters to lend to you to buy your house, car, etc. would not have to pay that money back and therefore you would not have to pay your bank back either for that portion of your mortgage. All you would be responsible to pay back would be money put up by your local bank to secure your loan money from the Fed. Your mortgage would be less than 10% of what it is currently on the Federal Reserve Plantation.

Now you can inquire further to allay your fears about the as yet unknown aspect of this new way or you can stay on the plantation and cower.


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