I’m very disgusted and disappointed in the response of so many Americans over the torture report. As usual the entire affair has been framed into a false debate. Is releasing the torture report going to aide our enemies or not and is this a partisan move by the Democrats to make the Republicans look bad?

Remember you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. The government ALWAYS sells us one thing but we always get something very different in the end. Why at this very minute our government is busy trying to save the planet from a gas that has been here from the beginning of time – CO2. However, in reality our government is controlled by competing cartels among which is the energy cartels who want to enhance their monopoly over our energy needs. So climate change is a big lie and all but the most stupid among us has not seen this even at this late date.

So the question on the floor is about aiding our enemies. My question is have the American peoples’ memory been so devastated by the decades of fluoridated water, aspartame, etc. that they forget that our government and it’s main oligarchs like the Rockefeller’s have funded our enemies going back to at least WWI. They funded the Bolsheviks, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Bin Laden and his jihad fighters in Afghanistan. We installed Omar Torrijos in Panama followed by Manuel Noriega who we then went to war to remove. The same held true for Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The CIA put him in power, gave him arms including chemical weapons which he used on the Kurd’s then when he began undercutting the price of oil angering our puppet government’s oil barons both foreign and domestic, he had to be removed from power. Then the question was, “Should Americans stand by and do nothing while incubator babies are being thrown on the floor to die?” Of course we all know that never happened and we were all played for fools.

You supporters of torture are being played for fools once again. If the real germane question here was about aiding our enemies then we’d have a discussion about the CIA funding and arming Al Qaeda in Libya then in Syria. We’d have a talk about Al Qaeda’s name being changed to ISIS when too many people began to see this treason. So the torture supporters don’t want to aid our enemies by tattling about torture that they are subjected to and already know all about. But apparently you all are too brain damaged to demand that our government STOP helping our enemies by arming them then opening the door for them to attack us.

The reality is the scum who control our government want to see how many Americans are cowardly little weasels with no principles nor fidelity to the U.S. Constitution and therefore will support torture. That’s because these numbskulls actually believe torture won’t be used on them one day. They don’t understand that if the global corporate/banking scum are successful taking America down first using economics then once we are desperate launch more false flag attacks to start race wars, immigration wars and world wars then in the ashes the survivors will be left holding the fascist bag like the Nazis after WWII.

But these are the facts about torture and the real reasons why it is being used more and more especially in the open. It’s to terrorize us eventually and make us comply. But that isn’t the main reason why I don’t support torture. I fear the creator and what the creator will do to me and mine if I go against the Lord. For I’ve lived a charmed life filled with what I need to live a happy life. When I hear any of you cheer-leading for torture what I hear is, “Please take my child away forever in a car wreck. Please Dear Lord may I have terminal cancer and if it’s not too much trouble make it excruciatingly painful. And while you’re at it could you get me fired from my job and have my spouse leave me for someone else.”

Think about that.


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