I Love Getting Attacked

Everyday there is more and more news of police receiving military armaments from the federal government along with directions on how and who to use them on according to the federal government’s assertions. At the top of that list are Libertarians and Constitutionalists. Naturally, this is the best news politically that I’ve received in thirty years.

One might ask if I’m crazy feeling this way being a known Libertarian from birth I think? So let me explain my thinking but first let me explain the federal government’s thinking. Actually it’s the corrupt ruling sectors of the federal government along with their controlled network media shills running interference is to whom I’m referring. With NSA total spy grid that can peer into everyone’s personal space, including your most personal and intimate moments should the federal freaks fancy it, they can cherry pick who will be prosecuted and who will be allowed to continue living unmolested – for the time being. To get the ball rolling the corrupt federal forces used taxpayer dollars to buy up the sell out leadership of most large police department then began feeding them intelligence gathered illegally. Perhaps it was drug dealers, pimps, tax evaders, whatever. Upon receiving the illegal federal evidence the local and state police corrupted leadership would direct their compartmentalized underlings to target this or that suspect for prosecution. The reality is legally shooting fish in a barrel. The local boys get the bad guys, the brass looks good for the network cameras and nobody in the public is wiser about the federal government’s criminal behavior.

Here’s the problem with this sort of corrupt criminal behavior by unconstitutional scum. The leadership in the police department are not the brightest bulbs in the box and mostly have their positions because they play ball with the establishment with many even compromised by their immoral personal behavior which the NSA knows all about of course. Having said that, the federal NSA crystal ball hands the local boys convictions laid out on a platter like magic. This is the dangerous point in time. Now the corrupt federal sectors feed more and more disinformation to local and state authorities to target their political enemies like me a Libertarian and a Constitutionalists. I see another numbskull cop ignorantly claiming he needs an MRAP to fight the Libertarians and Constitutionalists because they own guns right there locally. When I heard this compartmentalized dupe speaking he obviously was parroting the exact federal verbiage fed to his dumb ass. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see the handwriting on the wall.

The corrupt federal sectors are running scared because this horrible threat, being the Libertarian and Constitutionalists along with the gun owners, veterans, Christians, folks who don’t fancy abortions because they are against violence and murder which is about as violent as one can get killing a baby and all. What did any of us in the above most dangerous terrorist list ever do to warrant such a designation? Have there ever been any recorded instances of us Constitution, freedom lovers polishing our guns and committing terrorist act whatsoever? Hell no! It’s nonsense! I’ll tell you what we did to get on the federal bogie man list. We communicated to our family, friends and neighbors warning them a criminal coup was being perpetrated against our republic. We sounded the alarm, “The traitor are coming! The traitors are coming!” We refused to shut up about the inalienable rights given to us by the creator and how these corrupt federal scoundrels are determined to take them away using deception.

In a nutshell the traitors are planning on committing another Oklahoma bombing or a 9/11 to blame on us traditional freedom loving Americans because we’ve committed the offense of wising up to their crimes. This will be the trickiest caper they will ever pull off and they may not even do it. But they’d like to and the cop in Spokane shows the federal traitors have plenty of local police dupes who think they are James Bond because the feds tell them secrets about us Libertarian and what we’re thinking about which is always bombing something here or there. Yeah we Libertarian get up every morning just itching to bomb something or another. Mind you I personally don’t even like lighting off fire crackers so as terrorists go I’m a pretty lame miserable excuse for one.

However, in 2014 everybody knows Libertarians, has family members who are Libertarians, coworkers, etc. We are for the most part decent people who live by the golden rule. So imagine how miserable I was in 1988 when I was campaigning for Ron Paul for President. People looked at me like I was from Mars. The media had a total information black out on Dr. Paul’s Libertarian run for president. The old adage is true that first they ignore you then they attack you and finally they adopt your ideas. We are in the attack phase right now and it feels  – well – validating that this much of the corrupt federal effort and resources would be devoted to attacking the ideas that we support. I don’t know how many people realize these truths but the corrupt NSA does.

Therefore they will make the decision about whom to scapegoat for the coming 2015 false flag attack and there has to be an attack to blame the collapse of the economy on which isn’t the ruling corrupt establishment. It may be that they realize demonizing Libertarians, Constitutionalists, etc. is a hopeless sell and abandon this nonsense at least temporarily in favor of scapegoating, Iran, ISIS, or the big one, Russia. The corrupt federal sectors are in such big trouble combined with the fact that they have the best bomb shelters that they may instigate nuclear war with Russia to eliminate their biggest threat – Libertarian individuals and our ideas about individual liberty, honesty, God given rights and such.

So I’ll make a counter offer. Don’t pull the trigger and I’ll advocate amnesty for all but the highest official criminals who should be expelled forever from America to some island somewhere to live out their days. Those who aid any future false flag attack should be given a trial and punished justly or killed in the streets if a trial is not possible due to the chaos these vile snakes will have caused. So that should be a warning to the compartmentalize police to stop playing ball with federal traitors. They are even demonizing the local police now for going along with the federal training.


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