Cuba Scheduled For The Qaddafi Treatment

Remember what happened to Qaddafi when he decided to become friends with the West? In the end he was dragged through the streets by the mob and murdered. “We came. We Saw. He died.” Is how Hilliary Clinton summed it up before giggling like a small child who’s done something naughty and gotten away with it. She thought herself so clever combining Caesar’s words but perverting them to suit her mental illness.

So what’s going to happen now with Cuba? Well the globalists have a small playbook because going long with the bomb always works. Think of America as a giant amoeba and Cuba a tasty little morsel. Cuba served its purpose as a bogie man for half a century or the island would have been swallowed up decades ago.  The globalists who already seized effective control of America have a time schedule that suits their long term needs. Now is that time for Cuba. The disinformation machinery will be kicked into overdrive showing nothing but smiles and reconciliation as millions of Americans flood into Cuba bringing money. The globalist banksters and bombsters depend of people’s love for money to get what they want – that being our souls and complete slavery in the long run. Cubans on the island immediately began celebrating the news of the thaw in relations and who could blame them? They have been artificially held down from being productive by a communist system that is the preferred governing model of the globalists. The reason is it’s easier to deal with a few head bananas than a whole bunch of free-minded individual people. Then when the time comes the globalists slither in and buy the country’s leadership off like the Vichy French.

While that avenue is being deployed the other attack venue will be the provocateurs entering Cuba with the smiling tourists. As in the Ukraine, the provocateurs assignment will be to shoot both sides thereby sowing chaos and exploiting the situation to grab power. It worked in western Ukraine and it will be even easier in Cuba. Why? Eleven million desperate Cubans who want more than they have now and who could blame them? But money…money changes everything. The globalists can inject so much money that they create new power centers overnight that can overwhelm a hillbilly rube government like Cuba’s. Once the dough starts flowing into Cuba it can buy enormous amounts of chaos while luring the people with disinformation into unknowingly aiding the globalists quest to control Cuba in the way that they now control America and much of the western governments. Money money money – MONEY!

So expect chaos in the streets of Havana soon enough after a period of Pollyanna exuberance. I can’t say what will set off the internal conflicts that will trick the Cuban people into handing themselves over to the globalist scum? Who? That’s a few thousand ultra rich globalists shopping for some Caribbean island Real Estate. I expect either a change in leadership perhaps after some health crisis or unfortunate accidents with the current leadership if they resist or barring a leadership coup I expect the globalists will take the other route and sow chaos in the streets, use provocateurs to shoot both sides and use the mob to murder the Castro’s and their oligarchy members who won’t play baseball.


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