Castro Oligarchs’ Read The Riot Act

The Western Elite Banking and Bombing Oligarchy, WEBBO for short, has already had the chat with Raul Castro. It’s the same little talk they had with Mubarak in Egypt. Fidel isn’t talking. So there are positives in this situation.

WEBBO explained to Raul that they have effective control of the American people using WEBBO’s complete monopoly over electronic and dying national newspaper media. They control the narrative and the American people for the most part are nice naive folks easily manipulated into doing exactly as WEBBO desires.

Next WEBBO goes through the list of leaders they’ve toppled in a very short period of time with Qaddafi right at the top. Sure Raul might resist as Mubarak did trying to save his country from the tentacles of WEBBO. The Egyptian army saw the Muslim Brotherhood handwriting on the wall and put a stop to their WEBBO sponsored violence and terror against the Egyptian people. Assad is still hanging on by a Russian thread in Syria while CIA funded and armed ISIS attacks on the ground with U.S. air support. But neither Assad nor Mubarak look very healthy after their struggles which continue to this very day in a life or death situation for their nations.

The Hip Hop scene in Cuba being infiltrated was a shot over the bow to the Castro regime. However, WEBBO always leaves the door open to collectivist rulers who do what WEBBO demands. It’s obvious Raul is taking the carrot rather than the stick. Look for Cuba to adopt the Chinese Communist economic model which is the preferred company store model of WEBBO. Cubans will be permitted to work for slightly better wages to slave away like dogs for long hours in unhealthy conditions with no benefits or worker’s rights or protections. The Castro Oligarchs will go along with this model because they will be greatly rewarded for their services to WEBBO like the Chinese Communist Party elites are currently being lavished in China.

Cuba’s natural resources will be exploited but not for the benefit of the Cuban people. WEBBO and their puppet Cuban government will receive those fruits of the island. Of course people on both sides of the Straits of Florida will begin to notice that the narratives of our respective media begin to align telling the same contrived and staged news as is the case with European news under WEBBO control. In this new kind of warfare WEBBO attacks and maneuvers against it’s enemy – that would be us whether we’re Cuban, American, European, African, Asian, whatever. Yet most of the people of the world don’t have a clue about their main foe and don’t even realize that they are under attack. Mostly people fight windmills constructed by WEBBO to keep everybody fighting with everybody else while our real enemy rakes us over the coals on our way into slavery and a life of hell.


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