The Ukrainian Treatment

That is what America is getting now. This doctrine, deployed by the ruling western establishment, calls for provocateurs to shoot both sides. It’s an old tactic where chaos is fostered from behind the scenes then the establishment uses their monopoly in media and money to steer the mobs right where they want them.

As with the Ukraine example police are being killed. So far establishment media has used deranged dupes, easily instigated by television programming to believe they are going to be famous by murdering cops. The scheduled race war by the establishment hasn’t taken hold like they were hoping so they’ve switched to a war between cops and people of the progressive persuasion who scream, “What do we want? WE DON’T KNOW! When do we want it? WE’RE NOT CERTAIN! My point being that most of these protesters, bless their little hearts, feel, but they never think in a logical well thought out reasoned manner. They are moved solely by raw emotion and are easily manipulated be they the duped mob majority or the minority of regular street criminal barbarians taking advantage of their opportunity to score during the chaos. But the race war failed because in America today we mostly like each other. We are related by marriage to any number of races. Increasingly regardless of color, creed, religion, etc. we are all finding ourselves in the same sinking boat. So the race  war ain’t happening. You know it. I know it. And the disappointed establishment knows it.

In the Ukraine’s case religion and ethnic origin are the motivating factors in that western establishment backed coup. Naturally, the western establishment picked the Nazi nationalist types in the western part of the country to fight the Russian ethnic majority in the east. In this western backed war the Russian ethnic majority is to be killed or driven from the Ukraine. So the real battle is between the western ruling oligarchy and the Russian ruling oligarchy for control of the planet. The protagonists is this example really do hate one another in many cases so poking a western stick in the eye of both sides was easy as pie. However winning such a war for the western oligarchs is hopeless because the eastern Russian ethnic population is fighting for their very lives, land and livelihood. The western oligarch’s proxy army of the installed Ukrainian western government are poorly paid recruits who have no skin in the game played by their current national leaders.

But here in America that isn’t the case. Sure there are still those of varying shades of skin color including the paper bag divide used by some black culture that white people for the most part are oblivious to altogether. For the most part though we are Americans despite our skin color. We’re all getting the shaft as we watch millions of tax free-ride illegal immigrants who never paid a dime to build a road or school in the U.S., get let right in by our government, given a free bus ticket into America to the location of their choice and then executive ordered to be able to legally work in America taking jobs and further reducing wages. Meanwhile all the decent jobs we used to have here were moved to China for chicken feed workers there. That’s why the race war hasn’t taken hold but that won’t stop the plan B western ruling oligarchs.

The main idea is to change the narrative away from the things that make our real rulers look bad to ones that make the mob demand what the oligarchy actually desires. So enter the war between police and progressive. Both sides are chocked full of compartmentalized dupes who are easily manipulated. Take some cops for example. The actually fear constitutionalists and many think there are terrorists around every corner. That’s because TV and other cultural programming collects example of these things occurring somewhere in the world then blows them up to the size of the universe. Barring this they simply make terrorist threats up whole cloth. But the dimmest bulbs on the police side are a bit trigger happy from the barrage of dis-info bogie man programming which plays right into the plans of our establishment rulers. On the progressive side you have Al Sharpton so enough said there regarding the leaders dupes willingly choose to follow.

So what does the future hold? Well surely the television and popular entertainment mind programming won’t provoke enough nuts to kill a sufficient number of cops. Therefore, increasingly the ruling western establishment will need to rely on paid provocateurs to assassinate police with convenient patsy’s nearby for the blame to be pinned on their donkey. Once police understand this tactic they will be one step closer to catching the traitors who would commit such vile acts to aid in the destruction of the republic. Then the whole house of cards comes crashing down on the ruling western establishment scum.


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