NSA Fails Again

Remember, the NSA said they were spying on us but that was to keep us safe? Were those two dead NY cops kept safe by NSA spying?

Remember that the killer of the NY cops posted what he was planning to do hours before he did it? Yet somehow the NSA collected that data but never warned the New York City Police Department. Why?

Here’s why. The NSA collects everything but it can only analyze a limited number of calls, texts, emails, posts, etc. So which ones do they have a harder look at? Obviously not the one provided hours before that nut committed his crimes. Either that or NSA realized what was about to happen and like Pearl Harbor, let it happen for nefarious reasons. But my point being is, here is but another example where NSA spying didn’t do diddly to make anybody safe.

The reality is the spying is sold to the fluoridated schmucks who believe them as something necessary to make us safe. Actually the spying is use to blackmail politicians, corporate espionage to benefit favored corporations, to set up foes and basically provide NSA with the tools necessary to maintain control over a duped population.

How many times do the secret police have to drop the ball, fail to connected the dots, botch an operation, etc. for you carnival marks to realize you’re schmucks?


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