Cop Killing Video

Getting right to the point, why would the U.S. Department of Justice give millions of taxpayer dollars to a group to produce a video that suggest police should be executed at random in the streets?

Due to extensive pre-programming, the response from many people will be to disregard the above question altogether because the idea is so bizarre that they simply refuse to believe it. They have been programmed to disregard knowledge of a programming video that programs mostly young, confused, desperate young black kids to randomly murder police. So even though this is the documented truth with easily verifiable evidence of the properly recorded financial transactions given to make the cop killer video via the Justice Department, too many fluoridated dupes and schmucks have already moved onto the next headline in their fairytale lives so sadly filled with monsters they can’t understand.

COME ON MAN! There is a cabal of traitors at the top who play average Americans like their own personal toys. It’s obvious their aim is to secretly sow chaos to grab total control. Everybody knows these circumstances have happen numerous times in the past but most feel that it is not happening to America now and that it never could. Their eyes are television and movie screens spewing fake realities to a herd of human cows and sheep so they won’t awaken and stampede.

The truth be told, if you are not already awake, then you are already dead I’m afraid. You’ve already swallowed the government Kool-ade that will kill you before your time. Plus all the previous programming blocks you from ever trying things that could mitigate or even reverse the damage done by the invading conquers. May your collective burdens be light on your way out of this life.

Those of you on the fence however can take heed and do exactly the opposite of what our invading programmers want us to do. When the traitor scum puts out a video instigating us to kill cops we must do the opposite and befriend the police and in passing conversation say, “Gee office. Why do you think the Justice Department paid to produce that cop killer video?” The average dupe or schmuck may disregard such a question but I’ll damn sure assure you the police won’t. In fact, if enough of them find out then the take down plan falls flat on its face and the federal Di Blasio’s will be heading to prison.

So I suggest one of you awake Photoshop people make up a police ticket for citizens to give to the police whenever one is encountered. On this ticket will be the above question along with the links to the information verifying the veracity of the treason. The police will be very glad for the tip I assure you. Somebody better make up this ticket soon before more local cops are murdered.


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