After The Collapse

Every mainstream expert assures us that the outlook for the economy is bright and cheery for the foreseeable future. If this will be our future then perhaps these economic soothsayers know how to run an economy and we all should just relax about such things.

Still, history has plenty of examples of what always happens when empires get too big for their britches. They become hollow the more they expand eventually collapsing under the weight of corruption, incompetence and economy realities. One such reality is the economy of scales. The bigger you grow any system the more complex and difficult to run efficiently such system become until they are the U.S. Post Office. So the notion of federal oversight, funding and such giving the federal government responsibilities never dreamed of by the Founders is a recipe for disaster. Then the idiots in charge say the answer is an even bigger government like the U.N. be the legal authority running the show. It makes zero sense to continue down this road when it is how we found our way to ruin in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be smarter after a collapse to right off the bat stop listening to these numbskulls running the show or those who praise them in the mainstream manipulating media? Americans would be idiots to turn to an even more distant branch of government than even Washington, D.C. to be our decision makers.

Instead lets talk about the most powerful branch of government as it was envision by the Founders – the local government. They were in charge of everything from enforcing local laws when juries would agree to convict violators, schools, roads, utilities, etc. The federal government had no responsibility in local affairs and it cost Americans a damn sight less for the privilege. Then during the Progressive era more and more responsibility and oversight, meaning federal overseers paid for with taxes collected by federal revenuers, were handed over to the feds to solve all of society’s problems. The federal government was suppose to cure hunger, stupidity, homelessness and all sorts of unfairness. Yet these social condition rather than go away have all gotten much worse the more the feds have monkey around with things. How the hell is it more important to build schools in Baghdad than in America?

No we’d be numbskulls if we followed our failed federal ruler allowing them to lateral responsibility for our oversight to international governments or corporations as is currently happening right under our noses. So when the collapse happens look to local government and not the federal meddlers who usually only get in the way. Take back personal responsibility for things like your food, safe drinking water, education for YOUR children, self protection, etc. Of course the feds have other ideas about what’s going to happen especially in the cities once the collapse ensues. They figure they’ll use local cops augmented by federal resources to coral and cull the angry population. However, running their federal psyops to shoot local police and even funding a rap video calling for police to be shot has alerted local cops to the federal treason at the top of the heap. So local police are less likely to work with those who work to get them shot.

At the end of the day what happens locally is what’s important to everybody not deluded into building an empire. Feeding the kids is a much bigger priority and having safe streets, etc. Americans need to return to running our own affairs and let the rest of the world be. Who are we to throw stones when our nation is crumbling?


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