A Few Words About Your Mind Programming

The thing about a broad mind programming attack is that once you understand that the ghouls that rule us ARE using multiple venues to mass program the beliefs of the people, it doesn’t work any longer.

Take vaccines for example. I will not have a debate now over whether or not vaccines can be safe and effective. They could be but they are not for a number of reasons, one big one being they don’t have to be and can damage and kill you but the manufacturers have been given immunity by the ghouls in government.

Instead lets talk about the mind programming that gets otherwise intelligent people to allow government approved ghouls to inject numerous toxins like mercury into their kids and they themselves. But this mind programming operation is running up against the reality that vaccines are damaging more and more people while offering little or no protection. Add to this the growing number of individuals who know the truth of the matter like me who laugh at the pharmacy when they ask me if I want a flu shot. Then I rub my forehead and ask them, “Did my kids write stupid on my head again while I was asleep?”

But the government ghouls crunch the numbers and know damn well people like me are throwing a wrench in their snake oil operation by refusing the shots and worse warning the dupes that still do take the shots. One big arguing point for us is mercury in the shots and I use it constantly. Therefore, our mass programmers respond to address the concerns of the dupes still falling for their lies before they even have the concern in the first place. So they put out a news story about how kids exposed to mercury were just as smart as kids who were not exposed. Then right after this story on comes the story about vaccines and how important they are even though they admit they are not working well this year. That fact is programming too. Vaccines have never worked to stop the flu and there is amble evidence that they cause the flu or at least make you more susceptible to catching it.

Be these things as they are, the average American fluoridated, aspartamed dupe is a sitting duck for this kind of mind programming. While I’m shaking my head in disgust at these series of commercial mind programming stunts masquerading as news, the dupes absorb just enough of the mind programming in their dazed states to come away with, “mercury and vaccines are safe so relax and don’t concern yourself with such things.”

Then that’s exactly what the mind control dupes do and more. They become mind control aides for the mind controller. They have been programmed that whenever they encounter someone like me that makes them feel uncomfortable by challenging their deeply held trust in those who are programming them, they respond in several different ways. Ridicule is normally the response. They chastise mixed with moralizing and condemn me for my information that challenges their beliefs. They refuse to look at the information because should I be proven correct it means they must admit they have been dupes their entire life and that they have allowed their kids to be harmed and in a few cases murdered. So an angry indignant mind programmed response might also be in the cards. Ad hominid attack on me personally are a rather regular occurrence but to be completely ignored and not responded to happens as well.

All of these pre-programmed mind control responses I’ve been subjected to just trying to be helpful. It makes one not wish to help their fellow man which is exactly what the ghouls who rule us want. So more and more of you all are going to die taking vaccines until the numbers are so large there is a revolt despite the best efforts of the mind programmers.

Stop being schmucks if you want to live to a ripe old age. You are being programmed to death.


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