A Few Words About Your Mind Programming

The thing about a broad mind programming attack is that once you understand that the ghouls that rule us ARE using multiple venues to mass program the beliefs of the people, it doesn’t work any longer.

Take vaccines for example. I will not have a debate now over whether or not vaccines can be safe and effective. They could be but they are not for a number of reasons, one big one being they don’t have to be and can damage and kill you but the manufacturers have been given immunity by the ghouls in government.

Instead lets talk about the mind programming that gets otherwise intelligent people to allow government approved ghouls to inject numerous toxins like mercury into their kids and they themselves. But this mind programming operation is running up against the reality that vaccines are damaging more and more people while offering little or no protection. Add to this the growing number of individuals who know the truth of the matter like me who laugh at the pharmacy when they ask me if I want a flu shot. Then I rub my forehead and ask them, “Did my kids write stupid on my head again while I was asleep?”

But the government ghouls crunch the numbers and know damn well people like me are throwing a wrench in their snake oil operation by refusing the shots and worse warning the dupes that still do take the shots. One big arguing point for us is mercury in the shots and I use it constantly. Therefore, our mass programmers respond to address the concerns of the dupes still falling for their lies before they even have the concern in the first place. So they put out a news story about how kids exposed to mercury were just as smart as kids who were not exposed. Then right after this story on comes the story about vaccines and how important they are even though they admit they are not working well this year. That fact is programming too. Vaccines have never worked to stop the flu and there is amble evidence that they cause the flu or at least make you more susceptible to catching it.

Be these things as they are, the average American fluoridated, aspartamed dupe is a sitting duck for this kind of mind programming. While I’m shaking my head in disgust at these series of commercial mind programming stunts masquerading as news, the dupes absorb just enough of the mind programming in their dazed states to come away with, “mercury and vaccines are safe so relax and don’t concern yourself with such things.”

Then that’s exactly what the mind control dupes do and more. They become mind control aides for the mind controller. They have been programmed that whenever they encounter someone like me that makes them feel uncomfortable by challenging their deeply held trust in those who are programming them, they respond in several different ways. Ridicule is normally the response. They chastise mixed with moralizing and condemn me for my information that challenges their beliefs. They refuse to look at the information because should I be proven correct it means they must admit they have been dupes their entire life and that they have allowed their kids to be harmed and in a few cases murdered. So an angry indignant mind programmed response might also be in the cards. Ad hominid attack on me personally are a rather regular occurrence but to be completely ignored and not responded to happens as well.

All of these pre-programmed mind control responses I’ve been subjected to just trying to be helpful. It makes one not wish to help their fellow man which is exactly what the ghouls who rule us want. So more and more of you all are going to die taking vaccines until the numbers are so large there is a revolt despite the best efforts of the mind programmers.

Stop being schmucks if you want to live to a ripe old age. You are being programmed to death.


Drink Establishment Cool Aid

What’s that you say? You’re not cool enough? That’s no problem in modern America. Simply drink Establishment Cool Aid. Establishment Cool Aid, brought to you by the Establishment, to not only quench your thirst for more but it’s packed with the stuff that helps you feel cool. Establishment Cool Aid is fluoridated to make you smile and laced with a tinge of aspartame so you’ll be jolly whatever your weight. When the other kids on the block see you swallowing Establishment Cool Aid they’re going to know right off how cool you are. Establishment Cool Aid even comes with a sprinkle of Fukushima sunshine right on the label so the establishment can light your path to show you the best way to your final destination.

Establishment Cool Aid. Everybody will think you’re crazy if you’re not swallowing it. Then the establishment may poke fun at you so why take chances? May I have some more Establishment Cool Aid? That’s the only question cool people ever need to ask.

After The Collapse

Every mainstream expert assures us that the outlook for the economy is bright and cheery for the foreseeable future. If this will be our future then perhaps these economic soothsayers know how to run an economy and we all should just relax about such things.

Still, history has plenty of examples of what always happens when empires get too big for their britches. They become hollow the more they expand eventually collapsing under the weight of corruption, incompetence and economy realities. One such reality is the economy of scales. The bigger you grow any system the more complex and difficult to run efficiently such system become until they are the U.S. Post Office. So the notion of federal oversight, funding and such giving the federal government responsibilities never dreamed of by the Founders is a recipe for disaster. Then the idiots in charge say the answer is an even bigger government like the U.N. be the legal authority running the show. It makes zero sense to continue down this road when it is how we found our way to ruin in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be smarter after a collapse to right off the bat stop listening to these numbskulls running the show or those who praise them in the mainstream manipulating media? Americans would be idiots to turn to an even more distant branch of government than even Washington, D.C. to be our decision makers.

Instead lets talk about the most powerful branch of government as it was envision by the Founders – the local government. They were in charge of everything from enforcing local laws when juries would agree to convict violators, schools, roads, utilities, etc. The federal government had no responsibility in local affairs and it cost Americans a damn sight less for the privilege. Then during the Progressive era more and more responsibility and oversight, meaning federal overseers paid for with taxes collected by federal revenuers, were handed over to the feds to solve all of society’s problems. The federal government was suppose to cure hunger, stupidity, homelessness and all sorts of unfairness. Yet these social condition rather than go away have all gotten much worse the more the feds have monkey around with things. How the hell is it more important to build schools in Baghdad than in America?

No we’d be numbskulls if we followed our failed federal ruler allowing them to lateral responsibility for our oversight to international governments or corporations as is currently happening right under our noses. So when the collapse happens look to local government and not the federal meddlers who usually only get in the way. Take back personal responsibility for things like your food, safe drinking water, education for YOUR children, self protection, etc. Of course the feds have other ideas about what’s going to happen especially in the cities once the collapse ensues. They figure they’ll use local cops augmented by federal resources to coral and cull the angry population. However, running their federal psyops to shoot local police and even funding a rap video calling for police to be shot has alerted local cops to the federal treason at the top of the heap. So local police are less likely to work with those who work to get them shot.

At the end of the day what happens locally is what’s important to everybody not deluded into building an empire. Feeding the kids is a much bigger priority and having safe streets, etc. Americans need to return to running our own affairs and let the rest of the world be. Who are we to throw stones when our nation is crumbling?

Cop Killing Video

Getting right to the point, why would the U.S. Department of Justice give millions of taxpayer dollars to a group to produce a video that suggest police should be executed at random in the streets?

Due to extensive pre-programming, the response from many people will be to disregard the above question altogether because the idea is so bizarre that they simply refuse to believe it. They have been programmed to disregard knowledge of a programming video that programs mostly young, confused, desperate young black kids to randomly murder police. So even though this is the documented truth with easily verifiable evidence of the properly recorded financial transactions given to make the cop killer video via the Justice Department, too many fluoridated dupes and schmucks have already moved onto the next headline in their fairytale lives so sadly filled with monsters they can’t understand.

COME ON MAN! There is a cabal of traitors at the top who play average Americans like their own personal toys. It’s obvious their aim is to secretly sow chaos to grab total control. Everybody knows these circumstances have happen numerous times in the past but most feel that it is not happening to America now and that it never could. Their eyes are television and movie screens spewing fake realities to a herd of human cows and sheep so they won’t awaken and stampede.

The truth be told, if you are not already awake, then you are already dead I’m afraid. You’ve already swallowed the government Kool-ade that will kill you before your time. Plus all the previous programming blocks you from ever trying things that could mitigate or even reverse the damage done by the invading conquers. May your collective burdens be light on your way out of this life.

Those of you on the fence however can take heed and do exactly the opposite of what our invading programmers want us to do. When the traitor scum puts out a video instigating us to kill cops we must do the opposite and befriend the police and in passing conversation say, “Gee office. Why do you think the Justice Department paid to produce that cop killer video?” The average dupe or schmuck may disregard such a question but I’ll damn sure assure you the police won’t. In fact, if enough of them find out then the take down plan falls flat on its face and the federal Di Blasio’s will be heading to prison.

So I suggest one of you awake Photoshop people make up a police ticket for citizens to give to the police whenever one is encountered. On this ticket will be the above question along with the links to the information verifying the veracity of the treason. The police will be very glad for the tip I assure you. Somebody better make up this ticket soon before more local cops are murdered.

NSA Fails Again

Remember, the NSA said they were spying on us but that was to keep us safe? Were those two dead NY cops kept safe by NSA spying?

Remember that the killer of the NY cops posted what he was planning to do hours before he did it? Yet somehow the NSA collected that data but never warned the New York City Police Department. Why?

Here’s why. The NSA collects everything but it can only analyze a limited number of calls, texts, emails, posts, etc. So which ones do they have a harder look at? Obviously not the one provided hours before that nut committed his crimes. Either that or NSA realized what was about to happen and like Pearl Harbor, let it happen for nefarious reasons. But my point being is, here is but another example where NSA spying didn’t do diddly to make anybody safe.

The reality is the spying is sold to the fluoridated schmucks who believe them as something necessary to make us safe. Actually the spying is use to blackmail politicians, corporate espionage to benefit favored corporations, to set up foes and basically provide NSA with the tools necessary to maintain control over a duped population.

How many times do the secret police have to drop the ball, fail to connected the dots, botch an operation, etc. for you carnival marks to realize you’re schmucks?

The Ukrainian Treatment

That is what America is getting now. This doctrine, deployed by the ruling western establishment, calls for provocateurs to shoot both sides. It’s an old tactic where chaos is fostered from behind the scenes then the establishment uses their monopoly in media and money to steer the mobs right where they want them.

As with the Ukraine example police are being killed. So far establishment media has used deranged dupes, easily instigated by television programming to believe they are going to be famous by murdering cops. The scheduled race war by the establishment hasn’t taken hold like they were hoping so they’ve switched to a war between cops and people of the progressive persuasion who scream, “What do we want? WE DON’T KNOW! When do we want it? WE’RE NOT CERTAIN! My point being that most of these protesters, bless their little hearts, feel, but they never think in a logical well thought out reasoned manner. They are moved solely by raw emotion and are easily manipulated be they the duped mob majority or the minority of regular street criminal barbarians taking advantage of their opportunity to score during the chaos. But the race war failed because in America today we mostly like each other. We are related by marriage to any number of races. Increasingly regardless of color, creed, religion, etc. we are all finding ourselves in the same sinking boat. So the raceĀ  war ain’t happening. You know it. I know it. And the disappointed establishment knows it.

In the Ukraine’s case religion and ethnic origin are the motivating factors in that western establishment backed coup. Naturally, the western establishment picked the Nazi nationalist types in the western part of the country to fight the Russian ethnic majority in the east. In this western backed war the Russian ethnic majority is to be killed or driven from the Ukraine. So the real battle is between the western ruling oligarchy and the Russian ruling oligarchy for control of the planet. The protagonists is this example really do hate one another in many cases so poking a western stick in the eye of both sides was easy as pie. However winning such a war for the western oligarchs is hopeless because the eastern Russian ethnic population is fighting for their very lives, land and livelihood. The western oligarch’s proxy army of the installed Ukrainian western government are poorly paid recruits who have no skin in the game played by their current national leaders.

But here in America that isn’t the case. Sure there are still those of varying shades of skin color including the paper bag divide used by some black culture that white people for the most part are oblivious to altogether. For the most part though we are Americans despite our skin color. We’re all getting the shaft as we watch millions of tax free-ride illegal immigrants who never paid a dime to build a road or school in the U.S., get let right in by our government, given a free bus ticket into America to the location of their choice and then executive ordered to be able to legally work in America taking jobs and further reducing wages. Meanwhile all the decent jobs we used to have here were moved to China for chicken feed workers there. That’s why the race war hasn’t taken hold but that won’t stop the plan B western ruling oligarchs.

The main idea is to change the narrative away from the things that make our real rulers look bad to ones that make the mob demand what the oligarchy actually desires. So enter the war between police and progressive. Both sides are chocked full of compartmentalized dupes who are easily manipulated. Take some cops for example. The actually fear constitutionalists and many think there are terrorists around every corner. That’s because TV and other cultural programming collects example of these things occurring somewhere in the world then blows them up to the size of the universe. Barring this they simply make terrorist threats up whole cloth. But the dimmest bulbs on the police side are a bit trigger happy from the barrage of dis-info bogie man programming which plays right into the plans of our establishment rulers. On the progressive side you have Al Sharpton so enough said there regarding the leaders dupes willingly choose to follow.

So what does the future hold? Well surely the television and popular entertainment mind programming won’t provoke enough nuts to kill a sufficient number of cops. Therefore, increasingly the ruling western establishment will need to rely on paid provocateurs to assassinate police with convenient patsy’s nearby for the blame to be pinned on their donkey. Once police understand this tactic they will be one step closer to catching the traitors who would commit such vile acts to aid in the destruction of the republic. Then the whole house of cards comes crashing down on the ruling western establishment scum.

Castro Oligarchs’ Read The Riot Act

The Western Elite Banking and Bombing Oligarchy, WEBBO for short, has already had the chat with Raul Castro. It’s the same little talk they had with Mubarak in Egypt. Fidel isn’t talking. So there are positives in this situation.

WEBBO explained to Raul that they have effective control of the American people using WEBBO’s complete monopoly over electronic and dying national newspaper media. They control the narrative and the American people for the most part are nice naive folks easily manipulated into doing exactly as WEBBO desires.

Next WEBBO goes through the list of leaders they’ve toppled in a very short period of time with Qaddafi right at the top. Sure Raul might resist as Mubarak did trying to save his country from the tentacles of WEBBO. The Egyptian army saw the Muslim Brotherhood handwriting on the wall and put a stop to their WEBBO sponsored violence and terror against the Egyptian people. Assad is still hanging on by a Russian thread in Syria while CIA funded and armed ISIS attacks on the ground with U.S. air support. But neither Assad nor Mubarak look very healthy after their struggles which continue to this very day in a life or death situation for their nations.

The Hip Hop scene in Cuba being infiltrated was a shot over the bow to the Castro regime. However, WEBBO always leaves the door open to collectivist rulers who do what WEBBO demands. It’s obvious Raul is taking the carrot rather than the stick. Look for Cuba to adopt the Chinese Communist economic model which is the preferred company store model of WEBBO. Cubans will be permitted to work for slightly better wages to slave away like dogs for long hours in unhealthy conditions with no benefits or worker’s rights or protections. The Castro Oligarchs will go along with this model because they will be greatly rewarded for their services to WEBBO like the Chinese Communist Party elites are currently being lavished in China.

Cuba’s natural resources will be exploited but not for the benefit of the Cuban people. WEBBO and their puppet Cuban government will receive those fruits of the island. Of course people on both sides of the Straits of Florida will begin to notice that the narratives of our respective media begin to align telling the same contrived and staged news as is the case with European news under WEBBO control. In this new kind of warfare WEBBO attacks and maneuvers against it’s enemy – that would be us whether we’re Cuban, American, European, African, Asian, whatever. Yet most of the people of the world don’t have a clue about their main foe and don’t even realize that they are under attack. Mostly people fight windmills constructed by WEBBO to keep everybody fighting with everybody else while our real enemy rakes us over the coals on our way into slavery and a life of hell.